Last night, I made a significant step in my journey>>I ate TWO pieces of pizza.  Now ordinarily, eating pizza is not particularly healthful or something to applaud, but in my case, I think it is.

I have been strict to the point of obsession with food since 8.1.2011 – a year and a half ago.  I believe I have been fearful to eat anything except what I consider “safe” – fruit, vegetables, rice, and some occasional protein.

I think it was a healthy step to consciously choose to eat something off my strict list; I think it shows a return to an inner sense of safety and well-being.  🙂

PS>>The pizza tasted very good to me and I didn’t have any reaction to it!!!  I am also NOT feeling guilt about my indulgence.  All good things!



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Triple Warmer

I learned about triple warmer and neuro-vascular points in Donna Eden’s excellent book, Energy Medicine.  Neuro-vascular points are specific points in the head that connect the nervous system to the muscles and circulatory system. See my post of 11.7.2012.  I followed Eden’s instructions and examined my head.  I had two very sensitive spots.  I then referred to her map of these points and found them associated with the 

  • peri-cardium meridian
  • triple-warmer meridian 

Today, I will speak of Triple Warmer.  The Triple Warmer is an energy system that aggressively mobilizes all of the systems in our body to fight.  Eden calls Triple Warmer “the militia within”.  In the world today, most people have an overactive Triple Warmer.  Mine obviously was, since it was sore to my touch.  Eden recommends sedating the triple warmer meridian by tracing it backwards and then pulling the excess energy off the shoulders: 

  1. Place your fingers at your temples.  Hold for one deep breath, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth
  2. On another deep in-breath, slowly slide your fingers up and around your ears, smoothing the skin while maintaining some pressure.
  3. On the out-breath, slide your fingers down and behind your ears press them down the sides of your neck, and hang them on your shoulders. 
  4. Push your fingers into your shoulders and then, when you are ready firmly drag them over the top of your shoulders, and smooth them to the middle of your chest, over your heart chakra, with one hand resting on top of the other.  This brings you home to yourself. 
  5. Hold there for several deep breaths.

I am pleased to say that I have effectively sedated my Triple Warmer meridian and it is currently not an issue.  Triple Warmer was another layer of the RMG onion.  See blog post 10.28.2012.  The energy healer I saw on 12.8.2012 said that keeping Triple Warmer calm is key to my continued well being.  She said this ” if you let Triple Warmer know you are safe, that goes a long way to help things “hold”.

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One Year Ago

One year ago today, I finished my radiation treatments for breast cancer.  Incredible to think it has been a year.  I decided to stop in the clinic to say “hello” to Melinda, who was the technician who attended me each day and Dr. Jong, the administrating physician. 

A couple postscripts: 

Dr. McGinnis at KU Med, the surgeon who performed my lumpectomy, has commented several times how good my incision and breast look.  Dr. McGinnis had never worked with Dr. Jong, and I think she believes it was his good work.   It might be, but there were some other things at work: 

  • I did not use the breast crème that Dr. Jong gave me to apply during radiation.  Dr. Denise tested his recommended crème and I tested weak.  Instead I used her recommended MSM therapeutic lotion.  I used it during radiation and for a couple months after.  My breast never got red.  And truthfully, I think this lotion protected my breast tissue.  Dr. Jong told me that the texture of my radiated breast would forever be different.  I don’t notice that it is. 
  • Another thing I did was to use a laser on my scar.  Dr. Denise sent me home with a laser device, set for the specific frequency that my body responded to.  I took the laser home once a month and used it every day for the week I had it at home. 
  • Since I started acupuncture in 8.2012, Dr. Yennie treats my incision each time I see him. 
  • I also took some supplements during radiation to bolster my immune system to withstand the assault. 

I have such a good team!

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Friday, 12.14.2012, a young man shot and killed his mother.  He then broke into an elementary school in Newtown Connecticut and murdered 27 innocent people, 20 of which were children.  My sorrow is profound. I draw comfort from what I know about good and evil>>

  • God created man and woman and placed them in the Garden of Eden.  In the middle of the garden was the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. He instructed Adam and Eve to only eat from the Tree of Life.
  • They did not.  They doubted God and ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  As a result, sin entered the world.
  • You might ask why God even gave them a choice.  In His wisdom, God knows that love is a choice and cannot be commanded.  He did not want humankind to love and worship Him robotically.
  • So pure evil exists in this world and stands in contrast to good.   Without evil we would not recognize good in the same way we do now.
  • The penalty for sin is death.  God is an exacting judge and cannot dismiss sin and evil or  gloss over it.  He demands the penalty of death.  To do less, would cause us to question His fairness and His goodness.
  • Jesus Christ, God incarnate, paid the penalty of sin for us.  When we turn from our own evil, and believe that Jesus paid our price, we are saved. We are saved from an eternity of separation from God and we are saved from the judgment of unbelievers. 
  • As believers, however, we will give an account for our lives and be rewarded or suffer loss.
  • Whereas we cannot impose judgment on this murderer, he is now facing His Maker.  Scripture tells us that he will be forever cast into Darkness.
  • God can use evil for good.  That is our great hope in this senseless tragedy.

May God comfort all in need.

Psalm 73 and Habakkuk both speak to the temporary prosperity of the wicked and the lasting rewards of the righteous.

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More and more I am beginning to think that my systems have been “emotionally bound” and that my energy medicine session last Saturday freed them!  The evidence: 

  • My shen is more “me”
  • My spirits are up.
  • My bowels are moving.
  • My eyes are clearer.
  • I feel a new sense of well-being.

PS>>shen is a term used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  I learned it from Dr. Yennie who recently pronounced me well because my facial shen told him so.  I googled “shen” and learned that it is the outward manifestation of life and activity in the human body.  In this context, shen is used to describe the complexion, the “spirit” in the eyes, language use and responsiveness, and activity and posture.  

Here is a link to more info regarding shen:



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I haven’t mentioned an important component of my daily regimen – my Vitamix.  Everyday, I blend up my morning fruit drink in this extraordinary piece of kitchen equipment!!!  I absolutely love it and recommend it highly. 

Russ and I bought our Vitamix about 20 years ago and paid an exorbitant $ 400 for it.  It was, however, one of the best investments we have ever made.  We use it each and every day.  Over the years, Russ has also made many a frozen margarita in it and garnered lots of accolades!  Of course, he loves that!! 

More info can be found at

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Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

 ……………….from Susan, a friend from Iowa

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