Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

 ……………….from Susan, a friend from Iowa

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Energy Medicine

Last Saturday, I had an appointment with Kim W, an energy healer and protégé of Donna Eden.  See my blog post of 9.22.2012.   Wow!!  Am I super-excited!! 

Kim spent two hours with me.  She tweaked the daily energy exercises I have been doing (as outlined in Eden’s book) and amplified them to work more fully with my unique energies.  She also looked at my meridians and confirmed that my kidney meridian is weak.  Kim looked at my chakras (12.5.2012) and found them to all be weak.  She cleared and balanced all of them.  

I feel the most powerful thing she did, however, was to mend my “assemblage point”.  She described what she was seeing>>>she said it looked like my soul and spirit had been shaken off my foundation by an earthquake. (My mind went immediately to the day in August of 2011 when KU Med called and said they saw a spot on my liver).  Anyway, Kim “knitted “ and mended my disassembled energies, bringing them back into alignment with my heart. 

I immediately felt something clear.  I immediately felt something like “well-being”!!!!!!!!!! 

It is now three days later and I feel so much better.  Now and then, I feel a twinge of anxiety, but on balance, I am so much better.  It might be my imagination, but I think my eyes are clearer too!!  Wouldn’t that be something….if all this time, my dis-assemblage of soul and spirit has been the cause of my red eyes?

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For years, I have read that dry cleaning solvents are very harmful, so I was pleased to learn that there are eco-friendly drycleaners in the area. 

I started taking my dry cleaning to Hangers in KCMO and have been quite pleased.  




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A postscript to yesterday’s post>>  

Making the decision to surrender my fears does NOT mean that I am all of a sudden not fearful.  It means that I have admitted I am helpless to fight my fears on my own and that I have made a transaction with God to transform me from the inside out and to strengthen my inner spirit for whatever lies ahead.  It means I will rest knowing that He will perform His work in me and that I can count on it.  Hannah Whittall Smith says this in several different ways in her excellent book The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life

“Your part is simply to put your will, in this matter of believing, over on God’s side, making up your mind that you will believe what He says because He says it and that you will not pay any regard to the feelings that make it seem so unreal.  God will not fail to respond, sooner or later, with His revelation to such a faith.” 

Making the decision to surrender my fears does NOT mean that I will not pursue health!!   Scripture admonishes us to work, to take care of our bodies, to care for our families and our neighbors.  Scripture cautions a believer to not be idle, but neither to make work an idol. So I will continue to work to get healthy, but I must watch and not let my pursuit become an idol.

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Something Dr. Harry said to me last month has been on my mind.  He said that I need to get to a place where I am okay with whatever happens in my health journey.  Last week, I had to admit to myself that I was not there.  I believe that this lack of trust in God’s care of me just might at the root of my emotional upheaval.  Last Friday, 12.7.2012, I read in Charles Stanley’s devotional, that he surrendered his fears to God as a first step to receiving direction.

I have done this before.  I know this principle.  Upon reflection,  however, I have decided that life is a series of continual surrender; of letting go of that which does not belong to us.  We surrender our life to Christ at salvation, but over time, we come to understand that there are lots of mini-surrenders required.  The Holy Spirit brings them to our consciousness in His perfect timing.

I last remember a big surrender in 2006 when I let go of my life as I knew it in Harlan.  This was extremely hard.  I distinctly remember, in a definite act of my will, letting go and letting God write the next chapter, which He did!   He laid out a pathway that brought Russ and me to Emporia, a new job, a new house, a new church, and friends.

So Friday, 12.7.2012 I surrendered my fears.  These are my contemporaneous notes.

  • Today, 12.7.2012, which ironically is Pearl Harbor Day (and my Dad’s personal Pearl Harbor Day – his cancer diagnosis), I surrender my fears to the Living God, who is infinitely more capable than I am to manage my life AND my forever life.
  • He knows everything about me.  I do not.
  • He knows me intimately.  He made me.  He sees nooks and crannies in my being that I do not. 
  • He knows my past, present, and future.  I do not.
  • He knows everything about my friends and family in my life.  I do not.
  • He is all powerful and can do anything.  Anything!!  I cannot.
  • He knows the right and perfect time for me to live and to die. I do not.
  • I SO believe in Heaven and the joy of being in His presence for eternity.  What’s scary about that?
  • He is big enough to comfort me.  I am studying this in Isaiah 40 for heavens sakes!!
  • Why am I fearful?  Why am I trying to manage my life when I am obviously not as qualified!!!!!
  • I think I forgot to apply what I know about surrender to the situation at hand – my health.
  • I have surrendered what I thought was my whole life before.  Obviously I held out.  Or I forgot.  But God knows I am human.  He loves and cares for me.  I belong to Him.
  • So I reaffirm what I know and will surrender my fears to Him.
  • I will rest in my knowledge that He will transform me from the inside out.  He will manage my fears and emotions.  He will strengthen my inner spirit to deal with whatever comes my way.
  • And like Hannah Whittall Smith has written, it is a real transaction between me and God.  He is faithful and will do His part. I do not have to doubt that He will do as He has promised.


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Girlfriends are a true blessing in my life.  Yesterday, I had coffee with an old high school classmate.  The Central Class of 1973 was nearly 600 strong, so although Suzan and I had several classes together, we were merely acquaintences.  Through Facebook, however, we have made some connections and come to know that we share similar values, religious beliefs, and conservative principles.   We decided to meet, and really and truly, the years melted away.  Although we never knew one another very well, yesterday, we made a soul connection!

I am already looking forward to making a lunch date with Suzan, perhaps in the spring to have lunch on the Plaza.  Some wine…a little light shopping…….a soul-satisfying day.



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Tibetan 5

Last summer, I was introduced to the Tibetan 5.  Since that time, I have been practicing these simple exercises every day.   It takes just a few minutes in your morning. 

The Tibetan people are known for their longevity.  One of the reasons doctors believe the Tibetan people live long lives is that they stimulate, open, and balance their energy vortexes every day.  Each exercise is designed to speed up the chakra energy of one particular chakra.  There are seven chakras:  

# Chakra Representing……
1 Root Our foundation and feeling of being grounded
2 Sacral Our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences
3 Solar Plexus Our ability to be confident and in-control of our lives
4 Heart Our ability to love
5 Throat Our ability to communicate
6 Third eye Our ability to focus on and see the big picture
7 Crown Our ability to be fully connected spiritually

My instructions say that you may repeat each exercise up to 21 times a day, but no more.  I do 8 repetitions of each. 

Attached is an article with further explanation and uTube video.   I thought the uTube video was extremely helpful to make sure I was interpreting the instructions properly. 

This coming Saturday, I am meeting with an energy healer for the very first time.  She is a protégé of Donna Eden, the author of the book I have mentioned previously in this blog.  I will be most interested in how she reads my chakra energies. 

Don’t you begin to wonder what off-the-wall thing I will come up with next?



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It’s always something.  Hmmmm.  Perhaps I shouldn’t say that because, as Dr. Yennie reminds me, “every cell is listening”. 

About three weeks ago, I noticed that my right side was tingling.  I have had this sensation before and have come to associate it with yeast.  A couple years ago, I thought I knocked this out, but here it is again…. I suppose my body systems are adapting to the ever-changing environment toxins I encounter.  Anyway, I mentioned this to my doctors, and both Dr. Harry and Dr. Denise have confirmed it.  Dr. Denise tested a few remedies and found my system “liked” a trace mineral called Molybdenum.  Supposedly, molybdenum transforms a toxin (yeast) into a neutral substance.  The literature I have read indicated that transforming yeast is a superior solution to killing yeast.  Apparently if you kill yeast, there are toxic byproducts that are hard for the liver to process. 

I am getting concerned about my liver for these reasons: 

  • The whites of my eyes are a good indicator of liver health, and my eyes (particularly my left eye) have not been clear for two + years.
  • The scan I had before my lumpectomy in 8.2011 revealed a benign lesion on my liver.
  • My urine tests show that my liver does not methylate (process) estrogen well.
  • I need enzyme support to help digest my food
  • And lastly>>>even though the liver is regenerative, I cannot seem to heal mine despite my best efforts to eat carefully.

 The positives to consider are:

  • the balanced liver meridian from my last acupuncture assessment
  • a TCM herbalist I saw in August made a passing comment that my “liver is not in a crisis state” when I specifically asked about my liver.
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Weekend Reflection

This last weekend, our family gathered in Omaha to attend the wedding of a long-time family friend.  It was a wonderful weekend, and I was anxiety free.  I had new clothes, a new haircut, and thought I looked pretty good for the reception Saturday night.  But when I got home on Sunday and reviewed the pictures, I was seized with panic.  Literally.  I looked awful in every single one.  Old, wrinkled, red eyes, red nose (and no, I wasn’t drunk).  One eye looked much smaller than the other.  My smile was not natural.  I just got braces off my teeth in July, but my teeth looked awful too. 

How I had aged in the six months or so since I last saw myself in a picture……….. 

I went to see Dr. Denise this morning and she easily drilled down to a personal power issue and my conception vessel meridian.   Right now, I still feel some anxiety.  Not as intense, but it is there nonetheless. 

How do people accept aging and illness and the loss of their physical self?

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Messiah Musings

Last week, I posted some thoughts about the Messiah.  The very day that I did that, my sister sent me an Advent devotional entitled Behold Your God! Daily Reflections on Messiah.  Each day of Avent, the author reflects on the Scriptural lyrics of this magnificent work.  Take Isaiah 40: 12, for example.  I am reading it in an entirely new light.  Isaiah says “Here is your God.  He is such a big God, that he can comfort His people”>>>>

He has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand,
    and with the breadth of his hand marked off the heavens.
He has held the dust of the earth in a basket,
    and weighed the mountains on the scales
    and the hills in a balance.
13 Who can fathom the Spirit[d] of the Lord?

What an incredible God-thing to get this devotional right after I posted about the Messiah! I am excited to know that there is something in this study that the Lord wants me to understand.

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