Spring Water

I have been drinking carbon-filtered water for about three years now and have felt very good about drinking it.  I am going to make a change, however and incorporate spring water into my daily intake.  It is more expensive, but I am deficient in several critical minerals and I am working to raise my levels.

Read about the differences between tap water, spring water, distilled water, etc at this link http://www.myspringwater.com/SpringWaterInformation/TypesOfWater.aspx

These are the mineral levels in Ozarka spring water>>  

Inorganic Minerals & Metals MRL MCL Level Found
Calcium 0.10 NR 1.6-3.6
Sodium 0.20 NR 2.7-11
Potassium 0.10 NR 1.0-3.1
Fluoride 0.100 2.0 (1.4-2.4) ND-0.054
Magnesium 0.10 NR 0.67-1.3
Bicarbonate 1.0 NR ND-9.4
Nitrate 0.010 10.00 0.091-2.5
Chloride 0.10 250 3.8-19
Copper 0.050 1.0 ND
pH (units) NA NR 5.13-6.23
Sulfate 0.10 250 0.98-4.8
Arsenic 0.0014 0.010 ND
Lead 0.005 0.005 ND
Total Dissolved Solids 1.0 NR 20-75
All units in (mg/l) or Part per Million (PPM) Report date: December 2007 Testing period: 1st Quarter 2007 – 3rd Quarter 2007
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I have learned something very important.   I have read many, many times over the years that it is important to drink 2 – 4 quarts of water everyday.  I found that impossible.  Ludicrous, in fact.

I have learned however, that I can drink significantly more water if it is room temperature and not over ice.  Yes, just a simple little thing like that has made a big difference for me.

I still like it with lemon or cucumber.

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New Blood Work

In January, I had some extensive blood work done.   I laid the numbers against the tests I had done in 9.2011 to analyze the results.

At the onset, I want to say that most of the results were not only in the “reference range”, but also in the “optimal reference range”!!!!  This was very uplifting to me.

I have concern, however, for a couple things:

My blood calcium is low.  This is not a surprise, because this showed on some tests I had done at the Riordan clinic last summer.  This deficiency is perplexing because I supplement calcium.  Say tuned, however, because this will make more sense when I blog about my hair analysis.

My SGPT test showed that a certain liver enzyme is high. Tripled in fact from 9.2011.  Dr. Denise and I have known that my liver is stressed and now this provides us a clue.

The LDH test shows that I have higher than expected cellular and tissue damage going on.  Again, stay tuned, because this shows up in my hair analysis.

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I have taken a hiatus from my blog and I hope the Reader will forgive me.  Perhaps this will turn out to be a good thing, because I can take a longer view of my healthcare and therapies.

Let me preface this blog post by saying, I feel REALLY good!

In the last two months I have made some significant changes in my health care.  In early January, Dr. Denise told me that she was hitting a brick wall.  I had sensed this and took the opportunity to make some wholesale changes:  1) I contacted my conventional doctor and asked for a repeat of my 9.2011 bloodwork, 2) I booked an appointment with a doctor in Mesa AZ for a hair analysis, and 3) I arranged to meet with Deirdre, a local practitioner who works with energy and emotion.

Over the upcoming posts, I will describe each new therapy.

I want to acknowledge that every step I am taking (and have taken) are so important to where I am today.  They each are important in their own right.  In some cases, one has led to another.  I don’t want to discount any step/path I have taken.

If I were asked, however, what has been the most impactful strategy, I would have to say that aligning my assemblage point in early December has afforded me the most dramatic relief.  Everything in me shifted!

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Today I watched two great musicals on TCM – My Fair Lady and Camelot.   I had forgotten how much I love (and miss) the music.   Today we are subjected to pseudo music – crass rap, hip-hop, and electric dance music – all of which grate on my nerves and all of which are a pale comparison to a beautiful melody and great lyrics.  Here is Robert Goulet singing “If Ever I Should Leave You”


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Since I have become more intimately acquainted with my meridian system, I have learned that it is important to regularly check my body for sore spots.  Sore spots are indicative of a toxin buildup within  meridian or a meridian that might need strengthening. 

I have found that the tops of my feet are generally sore. Kim W., the energy healer I saw on 12.8.2012, recommended that I massage the places between my bones of my feet every day to keep the energies moving.  I start about 2 inches above the base of my toes and massage towards and off my toes.  It makes sense to me that energy gets congested in our feet and I am glad to add this little routine to my day.

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Christmas Past

IMG_0426I have found myself thinking a lot about Christmases Past today.  So many of the chapters are long closed and the players long gone.   The baton has passed. 

I wish it weren’t so.   No one has been able to pick up the baton and make the family get-togethers happen like Mother did.  She made it magical for we three Madget children for years and years and then again for our children, her grandchildren.  It is not the same now that she can no longer do it.  This makes me sad.

I am reminded of Karen Kingsbury’s book, Let Me Hold You Longer.   We generally do not recognize the last time our child crawls into our bed as being the last.  We generally do not recognize the last time our child unabashedly cuddles with us during a storm as being the last time.   We do not recognize a chapter closing until it is closed. 

My Mother is and was a remarkable woman who has given her all to making “family” happen.  We are now writing a new chapter……….IMG_0784

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