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Spring Water

I have been drinking carbon-filtered water for about three years now and have felt very good about drinking it.  I am going to make a change, however and incorporate spring water into my daily intake.  It is more expensive, but I … Continue reading

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I have learned something very important.   I have read many, many times over the years that it is important to drink 2 – 4 quarts of water everyday.  I found that impossible.  Ludicrous, in fact. I have learned however, that I can … Continue reading

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New Blood Work

In January, I had some extensive blood work done.   I laid the numbers against the tests I had done in 9.2011 to analyze the results. At the onset, I want to say that most of the results were not only in the “reference … Continue reading

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I have taken a hiatus from my blog and I hope the Reader will forgive me.  Perhaps this will turn out to be a good thing, because I can take a longer view of my healthcare and therapies. Let me preface this … Continue reading

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Today I watched two great musicals on TCM – My Fair Lady and Camelot.   I had forgotten how much I love (and miss) the music.   Today we are subjected to pseudo music – crass rap, hip-hop, and electric dance music – … Continue reading

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Since I have become more intimately acquainted with my meridian system, I have learned that it is important to regularly check my body for sore spots.  Sore spots are indicative of a toxin buildup within  meridian or a meridian that might … Continue reading

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Christmas Past

I have found myself thinking a lot about Christmases Past today.  So many of the chapters are long closed and the players long gone.   The baton has passed.  I wish it weren’t so.   No one has been able to pick up the baton … Continue reading

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