In the blood work, I had done on 1.22.2013, my LDH test showed that I have higher than expected cellular and tissue damage going on.

The only time our body repairs itself is during sleep.   So, whereas this was hard news to receive so starkly in black and white, it does not surprise me because I do not sleep well.

I will be most anxious to repeat this test in the upcoming months to see if it improves.

My hope is that my sleep will improve as I balance my minerals.  Therefore my body will be able to repair my tissues at the cellular level.  Won’t it be incredible if I see this reflected in my blood work???????????

My blood work also revealed that my blood calcium levels are low and outside the reference range.   Conversely, my hair calcium is off the charts.  How can this be?  The way I am understanding it is that I am not utilizing calcium well and it is being deposited in my soft tissues (hair).  Again, it is my hope that as I balance my minerals, this situation will be rectified.

Interestingly enough, my “primary care physician” made absolutely no mention of the “out of reference range” LDH reading or my low calcium reading.  You can bet I will point this out when I ask to be retested this summer.

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