Mineral Balancing

I have not slept well in 30 years.  Yes, seriously.  A couple months ago, however, it became worse and I began waking up at 4 am. When I happened to mention this to Dr. Denise, she said that cortisol spikes at 4 am.  This set me on a path that I want to blog about over the next few days.

Cortisol is a hormone made by the adrenal glands.   In the 24-hour urine test I had in the summer of 2012 at the Riordan Clinic, I knew that my adrenals were showing as “insufficient”.   This change in my sleep provided me with a new urgency to investigate.

I began to seriously research adrenal insufficiency and multiple times, I found myself reading articles written by Paul Eck, MD and/or Lawrence Wilson, MD.  These doctors advocate that adrenal insufficiency is best diagnosed with a hair analysis and then treated by balancing minerals, detoxification, and nutrition/life style changes.

I am familiar with hair analysis.  My Father had a hair analysis done in 1979 and it precisely  pointed to the possibility that he had cancer.  After he received the analysis report, he went to his primary care physician where his cancer was confirmed.

A hair tissue mineral analysis provides a  “metabolic blueprint” of how the body is responding to stress.  The ability to determine the stage of stress and the oxidation rate from a hair tissue mineral analysis makes it possible to assess the likelihood of many conditions and guide correction based upon metabolic imbalances.  A thorough interpretation of the tests results also requires the identification of mineral levels, ratios, and metabolic patterns.

By way of an example>>if a test shows that I am deficient in selenium, most practitioners would supplement with selenium to increase the level of  selenium in my system.  Mineral balancing however, looks at the  RATIOS and optimally balances selenium with other minerals.

I found a physician in the Phoenix area who is affiliated with Dr. Wilson and made an appointment to have a hair sample taken.  I recently received the very thorough report and have decided to commit to the program.  It is exciting to know that I can have my mineral levels quantified, my unique ratios calculated, and then monitor my progress as I rebalance them.    The end game for me is SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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