I thought I should speak to the “brickwall” that I have been up against for the last several months.  See blog post of 2.21.2013.  This “brickwall” has prompted me to go in some new directions with my healthcare.

In many ways, I feel quite well.  Normal.  But at the same time, I know that I have some issues that are in the background that must be addressed.  For various reasons, I seem stuck and not able to breakthrough:

  1. I sleep poorly.  If I cannot sleep, my body cannot repair itself.
  2. I quit taking supplements in late July 2012 because my left eye, more often than not, turned very red.  Despite our best efforts, Dr. Denise and I have not been able to figure this out.  This means we cannot nutritionally support various organs or systems until this is fixed.
  3. According to a couple tests I have had, my liver does not metholate (process) estrogen well.  My breast cancer is estrogen driven.  I elected NOT to take the chemotherapy drug to suppress my estrogen. So until I can find a way to naturally suppress my estrogen and support my liver, this estrogen threat is always in the back of my mind. The “red eye” thing, prevents me from moving forward.
  4. My adrenals are not functioning well, but again, I cannot support my adrenals, because everything I take makes my eye beet red.

So I press on, determined to figure this out.

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