Well Enough?


From time to time, I feel like I must stop and address the Reader who might think I am obsessive.  Maybe I am.  I probably am.

Although Russ hasn’t said it in so many words, I believe he thinks that I am “well enough”.  That I only need to see one doctor.  That I don’t need to spend any more money. That I don’t need to check into every test result that is out of the expected range.

My response is this:

  • I have now gotten a taste of empowerment with respect to my health.  I cannot quit and passively wait for the next shoe to drop.  I must act.
  • I have learned that I can actively move my energies, that I can detox heavy metals from my body,  and that I can neutralize negative emotion.  It is not some “pie in the sky” notion only available to the elite.  And much of it I can do on my own!!   It’s about gaining a little bit of knowledge and being bold with respect to my own body.
  • I am with myself 24*7*365.  No one else is.   Learning self-care strategies allows me to act on those nuances of how I feel day-to-day.
  • No one, no one really cares enough about me to passionately pursue my optimum health.  I am the only one who can do that.
  • No one practitioner has all the answers. Not even a holistic practitioner. Some specialize in acupuncture, some in energy, some in emotion, some in chiropractic, some in nutrition.  I have a holistic view of how this works.
  • Yes, I am getting older, but I really feel it is within my reach to feel I am 35 again.
  • I could be obsessing over aches and pains and medicines.   How much more uplifting to be “obsessing” over feeling good, supplements, good food, sunshine, etc.
  • I have learned that when I am not feeling good, I struggle to focus on God and my faith.  My health worries crowd Him out.  I found this dismaying when it happened in 2010.
  • I want to be the best I can be for whatever time is left to me on this earth.

PS>>Isn’t my daughter Ellen Maree beautiful?

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