New Blood Work

In January, I had some extensive blood work done.   I laid the numbers against the tests I had done in 9.2011 to analyze the results.

At the onset, I want to say that most of the results were not only in the “reference range”, but also in the “optimal reference range”!!!!  This was very uplifting to me.

I have concern, however, for a couple things:

My blood calcium is low.  This is not a surprise, because this showed on some tests I had done at the Riordan clinic last summer.  This deficiency is perplexing because I supplement calcium.  Say tuned, however, because this will make more sense when I blog about my hair analysis.

My SGPT test showed that a certain liver enzyme is high. Tripled in fact from 9.2011.  Dr. Denise and I have known that my liver is stressed and now this provides us a clue.

The LDH test shows that I have higher than expected cellular and tissue damage going on.  Again, stay tuned, because this shows up in my hair analysis.

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