I have taken a hiatus from my blog and I hope the Reader will forgive me.  Perhaps this will turn out to be a good thing, because I can take a longer view of my healthcare and therapies.

Let me preface this blog post by saying, I feel REALLY good!

In the last two months I have made some significant changes in my health care.  In early January, Dr. Denise told me that she was hitting a brick wall.  I had sensed this and took the opportunity to make some wholesale changes:  1) I contacted my conventional doctor and asked for a repeat of my 9.2011 bloodwork, 2) I booked an appointment with a doctor in Mesa AZ for a hair analysis, and 3) I arranged to meet with Deirdre, a local practitioner who works with energy and emotion.

Over the upcoming posts, I will describe each new therapy.

I want to acknowledge that every step I am taking (and have taken) are so important to where I am today.  They each are important in their own right.  In some cases, one has led to another.  I don’t want to discount any step/path I have taken.

If I were asked, however, what has been the most impactful strategy, I would have to say that aligning my assemblage point in early December has afforded me the most dramatic relief.  Everything in me shifted!

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