Christmas Past

IMG_0426I have found myself thinking a lot about Christmases Past today.  So many of the chapters are long closed and the players long gone.   The baton has passed. 

I wish it weren’t so.   No one has been able to pick up the baton and make the family get-togethers happen like Mother did.  She made it magical for we three Madget children for years and years and then again for our children, her grandchildren.  It is not the same now that she can no longer do it.  This makes me sad.

I am reminded of Karen Kingsbury’s book, Let Me Hold You Longer.   We generally do not recognize the last time our child crawls into our bed as being the last.  We generally do not recognize the last time our child unabashedly cuddles with us during a storm as being the last time.   We do not recognize a chapter closing until it is closed. 

My Mother is and was a remarkable woman who has given her all to making “family” happen.  We are now writing a new chapter……….IMG_0784

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