One Year Ago

One year ago today, I finished my radiation treatments for breast cancer.  Incredible to think it has been a year.  I decided to stop in the clinic to say “hello” to Melinda, who was the technician who attended me each day and Dr. Jong, the administrating physician. 

A couple postscripts: 

Dr. McGinnis at KU Med, the surgeon who performed my lumpectomy, has commented several times how good my incision and breast look.  Dr. McGinnis had never worked with Dr. Jong, and I think she believes it was his good work.   It might be, but there were some other things at work: 

  • I did not use the breast crème that Dr. Jong gave me to apply during radiation.  Dr. Denise tested his recommended crème and I tested weak.  Instead I used her recommended MSM therapeutic lotion.  I used it during radiation and for a couple months after.  My breast never got red.  And truthfully, I think this lotion protected my breast tissue.  Dr. Jong told me that the texture of my radiated breast would forever be different.  I don’t notice that it is. 
  • Another thing I did was to use a laser on my scar.  Dr. Denise sent me home with a laser device, set for the specific frequency that my body responded to.  I took the laser home once a month and used it every day for the week I had it at home. 
  • Since I started acupuncture in 8.2012, Dr. Yennie treats my incision each time I see him. 
  • I also took some supplements during radiation to bolster my immune system to withstand the assault. 

I have such a good team!

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