Friday, 12.14.2012, a young man shot and killed his mother.  He then broke into an elementary school in Newtown Connecticut and murdered 27 innocent people, 20 of which were children.  My sorrow is profound. I draw comfort from what I know about good and evil>>

  • God created man and woman and placed them in the Garden of Eden.  In the middle of the garden was the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. He instructed Adam and Eve to only eat from the Tree of Life.
  • They did not.  They doubted God and ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  As a result, sin entered the world.
  • You might ask why God even gave them a choice.  In His wisdom, God knows that love is a choice and cannot be commanded.  He did not want humankind to love and worship Him robotically.
  • So pure evil exists in this world and stands in contrast to good.   Without evil we would not recognize good in the same way we do now.
  • The penalty for sin is death.  God is an exacting judge and cannot dismiss sin and evil or  gloss over it.  He demands the penalty of death.  To do less, would cause us to question His fairness and His goodness.
  • Jesus Christ, God incarnate, paid the penalty of sin for us.  When we turn from our own evil, and believe that Jesus paid our price, we are saved. We are saved from an eternity of separation from God and we are saved from the judgment of unbelievers. 
  • As believers, however, we will give an account for our lives and be rewarded or suffer loss.
  • Whereas we cannot impose judgment on this murderer, he is now facing His Maker.  Scripture tells us that he will be forever cast into Darkness.
  • God can use evil for good.  That is our great hope in this senseless tragedy.

May God comfort all in need.

Psalm 73 and Habakkuk both speak to the temporary prosperity of the wicked and the lasting rewards of the righteous.

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2 Responses to Evil

  1. emg33 says:

    It was nice to read a “positive” spin on that tragedy… all I keep hearing is gun control & mental illness…. I liked the part where you reminded us that evil has to exist for us to remember to love, and all that Christ has done for us.

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