More and more I am beginning to think that my systems have been “emotionally bound” and that my energy medicine session last Saturday freed them!  The evidence: 

  • My shen is more “me”
  • My spirits are up.
  • My bowels are moving.
  • My eyes are clearer.
  • I feel a new sense of well-being.

PS>>shen is a term used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  I learned it from Dr. Yennie who recently pronounced me well because my facial shen told him so.  I googled “shen” and learned that it is the outward manifestation of life and activity in the human body.  In this context, shen is used to describe the complexion, the “spirit” in the eyes, language use and responsiveness, and activity and posture.  

Here is a link to more info regarding shen:



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