Energy Medicine

Last Saturday, I had an appointment with Kim W, an energy healer and protégé of Donna Eden.  See my blog post of 9.22.2012.   Wow!!  Am I super-excited!! 

Kim spent two hours with me.  She tweaked the daily energy exercises I have been doing (as outlined in Eden’s book) and amplified them to work more fully with my unique energies.  She also looked at my meridians and confirmed that my kidney meridian is weak.  Kim looked at my chakras (12.5.2012) and found them to all be weak.  She cleared and balanced all of them.  

I feel the most powerful thing she did, however, was to mend my “assemblage point”.  She described what she was seeing>>>she said it looked like my soul and spirit had been shaken off my foundation by an earthquake. (My mind went immediately to the day in August of 2011 when KU Med called and said they saw a spot on my liver).  Anyway, Kim “knitted “ and mended my disassembled energies, bringing them back into alignment with my heart. 

I immediately felt something clear.  I immediately felt something like “well-being”!!!!!!!!!! 

It is now three days later and I feel so much better.  Now and then, I feel a twinge of anxiety, but on balance, I am so much better.  It might be my imagination, but I think my eyes are clearer too!!  Wouldn’t that be something….if all this time, my dis-assemblage of soul and spirit has been the cause of my red eyes?

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