A postscript to yesterday’s post>>  

Making the decision to surrender my fears does NOT mean that I am all of a sudden not fearful.  It means that I have admitted I am helpless to fight my fears on my own and that I have made a transaction with God to transform me from the inside out and to strengthen my inner spirit for whatever lies ahead.  It means I will rest knowing that He will perform His work in me and that I can count on it.  Hannah Whittall Smith says this in several different ways in her excellent book The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life

“Your part is simply to put your will, in this matter of believing, over on God’s side, making up your mind that you will believe what He says because He says it and that you will not pay any regard to the feelings that make it seem so unreal.  God will not fail to respond, sooner or later, with His revelation to such a faith.” 

Making the decision to surrender my fears does NOT mean that I will not pursue health!!   Scripture admonishes us to work, to take care of our bodies, to care for our families and our neighbors.  Scripture cautions a believer to not be idle, but neither to make work an idol. So I will continue to work to get healthy, but I must watch and not let my pursuit become an idol.

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