Tibetan 5

Last summer, I was introduced to the Tibetan 5.  Since that time, I have been practicing these simple exercises every day.   It takes just a few minutes in your morning. 

The Tibetan people are known for their longevity.  One of the reasons doctors believe the Tibetan people live long lives is that they stimulate, open, and balance their energy vortexes every day.  Each exercise is designed to speed up the chakra energy of one particular chakra.  There are seven chakras:  

# Chakra Representing……
1 Root Our foundation and feeling of being grounded
2 Sacral Our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences
3 Solar Plexus Our ability to be confident and in-control of our lives
4 Heart Our ability to love
5 Throat Our ability to communicate
6 Third eye Our ability to focus on and see the big picture
7 Crown Our ability to be fully connected spiritually

My instructions say that you may repeat each exercise up to 21 times a day, but no more.  I do 8 repetitions of each. 

Attached is an article with further explanation and uTube video.   I thought the uTube video was extremely helpful to make sure I was interpreting the instructions properly. 

This coming Saturday, I am meeting with an energy healer for the very first time.  She is a protégé of Donna Eden, the author of the book I have mentioned previously in this blog.  I will be most interested in how she reads my chakra energies. 

Don’t you begin to wonder what off-the-wall thing I will come up with next?



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