It’s always something.  Hmmmm.  Perhaps I shouldn’t say that because, as Dr. Yennie reminds me, “every cell is listening”. 

About three weeks ago, I noticed that my right side was tingling.  I have had this sensation before and have come to associate it with yeast.  A couple years ago, I thought I knocked this out, but here it is again…. I suppose my body systems are adapting to the ever-changing environment toxins I encounter.  Anyway, I mentioned this to my doctors, and both Dr. Harry and Dr. Denise have confirmed it.  Dr. Denise tested a few remedies and found my system “liked” a trace mineral called Molybdenum.  Supposedly, molybdenum transforms a toxin (yeast) into a neutral substance.  The literature I have read indicated that transforming yeast is a superior solution to killing yeast.  Apparently if you kill yeast, there are toxic byproducts that are hard for the liver to process. 

I am getting concerned about my liver for these reasons: 

  • The whites of my eyes are a good indicator of liver health, and my eyes (particularly my left eye) have not been clear for two + years.
  • The scan I had before my lumpectomy in 8.2011 revealed a benign lesion on my liver.
  • My urine tests show that my liver does not methylate (process) estrogen well.
  • I need enzyme support to help digest my food
  • And lastly>>>even though the liver is regenerative, I cannot seem to heal mine despite my best efforts to eat carefully.

 The positives to consider are:

  • the balanced liver meridian from my last acupuncture assessment
  • a TCM herbalist I saw in August made a passing comment that my “liver is not in a crisis state” when I specifically asked about my liver.
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