Weekend Reflection

This last weekend, our family gathered in Omaha to attend the wedding of a long-time family friend.  It was a wonderful weekend, and I was anxiety free.  I had new clothes, a new haircut, and thought I looked pretty good for the reception Saturday night.  But when I got home on Sunday and reviewed the pictures, I was seized with panic.  Literally.  I looked awful in every single one.  Old, wrinkled, red eyes, red nose (and no, I wasn’t drunk).  One eye looked much smaller than the other.  My smile was not natural.  I just got braces off my teeth in July, but my teeth looked awful too. 

How I had aged in the six months or so since I last saw myself in a picture……….. 

I went to see Dr. Denise this morning and she easily drilled down to a personal power issue and my conception vessel meridian.   Right now, I still feel some anxiety.  Not as intense, but it is there nonetheless. 

How do people accept aging and illness and the loss of their physical self?

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