Charles Stanley

Charles Stanley.  Do you know that name?  Charles Stanley has impacted my Christian Walk tremendously.  I read his InTouch devotion every morning and often watch his weekly sermon message on TV.   This last week, I read some of his words about Thanksgiving:

  • Gratitude keeps us continually aware that the Lord is close by.
  • Gratitude motivates us to look for His purpose in our circumstance.
  • Thanksgiving helps bring our will into submission to God.
  • Thanksgiving reminds us of our continual reliance upon the Lord.
  • Thankfulness is an essential ingredient for joy.
  • A grateful attitude strengthens our witness to unbelievers.
  • Thanking God focuses our attention on Him rather than on our circumstances.
  • When we’re wearied by our circumstances, thanksgiving energizes us.
  • Gratitude transforms anxiety into peace that passes all understanding.

 Here is a link to an incredibly important reminder to thank our Father God.

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