Dear reader, have you heard of a biomat?   I bought one last February and use it every day.  When I have to skip a day, I miss using it!

The literature describes a biomat thusly>> a thermo-electrotherapeutic device for enhancing the immune system by generating far infrared rays and negative ions.  How does it do this?   By using the frequencies of Natural Amethyst (for far infrared rays) and Tourmaline (for negative ions).   Again, gemstones are important in this healing strategy. 


You might consider this a giant heat pad, but it is not.  The “far infrared rays” generated are something very different than ordinary heat waves.  Infrared rays penetrate deeper into the body and simulate cells to move to raise body temperature.    This improves blood circulation and strengthens the immune system.

My biomat is approximately 7’ by 3’.   I lay on it and allow the warm heat and the healing properties of the crystals to penetrate my body.   It feels like heaven.

The biomat is pricey.  I paid $1400 for mine.   For this reason, I am reluctant to highly recommend the purchase.  Truthfully, however, I am glad I bought it. 

Here is a link for further information.

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