Jewelry with a Purpose

In September, I had a bio-meridian test (see blog post of 11.6.2012).  One thing I learned from this assessment, is that I benefit from the frequencies of quartz.   This was a wholly new concept to me.   In the article attached,  the case is made that certain gemstone energy frequencies interrupt some of the negative energies that invade our personal space each day.  Examples of negative energies (aka electromagnetic fields or EMFs) that stress our systems are  computer frequencies, wiring, cell phone frequencies, radio frequencies, radiation, microwaves, etc.

It should be noted that everyone has a unique personal frequency and whereas quartz benefits me, turquoise might benefit someone else.  Or amethyst or something else.

I recently purchased a piece of raw quartz crystal.  It sits on the corner of my desk at the bank.  I plan to take several pieces of my jewelry for testing when I repeat the assessment in January.  What a concept>>jewelry with a purpose!!

More good information can be found  here>>   EMFs and gemstones

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