Geo-pathic Stress

I recently learned that I am sensitive to geo-pathic stress. I had no idea what geo-pathic stress was, but there it was, plain as day, in my September bio-meridian assessment!! 

I have since learned that geo-pathic stress is stress from the earth.  It can arise from a fault line which allows radiation from deep within the earth to come up to the surface; it can rise from underground streams.  Other forms of   geo-pathic stress arise when one naturally occurring magnetic field crosses another, creating disturbed magnetic fields. 

Many studies tie compromised immune systems to geo-pathic stress.  This particularly interests me because one of my main strategies in my cancer fight is to strengthen my immune system.  Some of the studies about the correlation between learning disabilities and geopathic stress zones are truly alarming.  Here is an article:   Geopathic Stress

The article explains how to locate and then neutralize fault lines in your house.  Following the instructions, Russ cut a couple of wire coat hangers and then using them like divining rods, he walked around the house to locate the problem spots.   I also did my own walk-though.  We found several faults.   One spot was particularly AMAZING to me.  Just a few weeks earlier, I remarked to Russ that I often feel my heart revving up about 730 am each morning, before I even walk out the door!!   In our walk-through, we found a fault line EXACTLY where I stand in the bathroom to put on my makeup ….

So, today, Russ cut some rebar and, using a compass, placed the rods at the true N, E, S, and W cardinal points of our property.  He placed another four at the NE, MW. SW. and SE points.  We walked through again, and found that this inexplicably neutralized the hot spots.   

I am so excited I can hardly stand it!!   I will be so interested to see how I feel going forward.  Dr. Harry swears that he sleeps so much better, so wouldn’t that be an added boon????

Stay tuned for further updates!

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