When I look back on the last few years, I identify lots of loss:

  1. the loss of my home of 30+ years, when we moved from Iowa
  2. the loss of my friends of 30+ years, when we moved from Iowa
  3. the “loss” of my children as they grew up and moved out of the house
  4. the loss of my identity as a VP at SCSB
  5. the loss of my youth
  6. the loss of my health

Altho I have thought that I have processed these losses well, now I am not so sure.  Loss and grief are the negative emotions we carry in our lungs.   My acupuncture assessment showed that my lungs were imbalanced in August and that although my lung chi (energy) was balanced in September, it was still low.

M. Scott Peck, MD, says this in The Road Less Traveled:

Successfully working our way through transition periods in the life cycle involves giving up cherished notions and old ways of doing and looking at things.  Major conditions, desires, and attitudes that must be given up in the course of a wholly successful evolving lifetime include:

  • The state of infancy, in which no external demands need be responded to
  • The fantasy of omnipotence
  • The desire for total (including sexual) possession of one’s parent(s)
  • The dependency of childhood
  • Distorted images of one’s parents
  • The omnipotentiality of adolescence
  • The “freedom” of uncommitment
  • The agility of youth
  • The sexual attractiveness and/or potency of youth
  • The fantasy of immortality
  • Authority over one’s children
  • Various forms of temporal power
  • The independence of physical health
  • And, ultimately, the self and life itself

Lots to think about here…………

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