The Election

My chest distress is in high gear this morning.  More intense and accompanied by a headache.  I thought I was doing better.   I have been taking particular care of my Pericardium Meridian of late, but despite my best efforts,  I believe I am holding negative emotions in my heart.

As I think about what is different today than yesterday and the day before, it is the election.  My candidate, Mitt Romney, lost and I am incredulous/angry/dismayed that Barack Obama won.  I simply cannot believe that the majority of the electorate does not see the dangers of going down the road to an entitlement culture, a dependency culture.  Of spending more money than we have.

But I must let go and let the next generation, my dear children, figure it out.  The youth of this country seem to embrace this kind of a society.  I must let it go because I cannot let it stand in the way of regaining my health.

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