Neuro-vascular Points

I made an important discovery today.  I was watching the dvd that accompanied my purchase of the book Energy Medicine, by Donna Eden.  Eden demonstrated how to examine your head for sore spots and then match them to a particular meridian.  I followed her example and examined my head and found two really sore places.   I referred to her diagram and found both of these sore spots to be associated with the Circulation-Sex (aka Pericardium) meridian!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can you believe it??????   

This discovery lines up perfectly with Dr. Yennie’s assessments of an imbalance in this meridian on 8.8.2012 and 9.24.2012.  It lines up with the Bio-meridian test (9.22.2012) which showed my nervous system as an alarm.  It lines up with my persistent chest distress, which is at its peak in the morning (the low tide for Circulation Sex meridian).  

Eden recommends holding these sore spots 2 – 3 minutes to strengthen the blood flow.

Attached is the map of neuro-vascular points in the head:

Neuro vascular points


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