A Bra is a Bra is a Bra>>>>naught!

My 8.2012 thermogram also showed inflamation under my breasts.  The technician was glad to learn that I was no longer wearing an underwire bra.  I had invested in new bras some months earlier when I read that the underwires in underwire bras sit directly on some critical meridians responsible for breast health.

PS>>this is not my thermogram.  I cut and pasted it from Google Images.

Nonetheless I have inflamation, most probably due to years and years of wearing underwires bras.  The technician encouraged me to go braless when I can.  That is difficult,  but most days, I can take my bra off after work.  She also showed me how to massage certain lympathic points to stimulate the removal of toxins.

Gosh….lots to do and think about all the time…..

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