Clean deodorant

In August 2012, I had my first thermogram.  I liken a thermogram to a heat map of inflammation.  My regret is that I did not get this baseline before my lumpectomy in 9.2011.  

I booked the thermogram appointment with BRAs.  See this link for more information   The cost was about $200.

One place that the thermogram showed inflammation was under my arm pits.  The technician asked if I was using a clean deodorant and I had to say “no”.   Well, with the proof of inflammation right in front of me, I decided to look for a healthier alternative to my Certain deodorant. It took about a month of experimentation and inquiries, but I have settled on a crystal. 

I buy this deodorant crystal at Walmat.  The brand is Naturally Fresh

It took about two weeks of experimentation for me to decide that the crystal works.  The key is to expand the coverage area significantly.   Expand the coverage in all directions; expand it where you can’t imagine you need to.  

I will be very interested to see if there is less inflammation when I next get a thermogram. 

BTW>>I continue to get a mammogram upon the schedule recommended by my doctor.

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