Holistic medicine is just that>>>a whole body approach.  To that end, I am employing lots of different strategies to supplement my conventional care.  One unlikely strategy has emerged>>a tincture of cloves.

As previously mentioned, I quit taking all supplements 7.26.2012 to “reset” my system.   Doing so, would allow Dr. Denise and Dr. Harry (another kinesiologist I am seeing) to make a clean “read” of my body.  Both showed that several of my systems would be strengthened by cloves.  Dr. Harry told me that the use of spices is called epigenetics.   My body responded uniquely to cloves and not to the other spices (such as cinnamon or nutmeg) that he tested on me.

Since late September, I have been taking 6 drops of cloves three times a day in a little bit of water.   My digestion is improved, but we will test specific progress in the upcoming months.  Here is some information on cloves:

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