Bio-meridian Assessment

On 9.22.2012, I had a bio-meridian assessment at the request of Dr. Harry, who suggested it might provide more information about my systems.  He made an appointment with Linda at Breast Research Awareness (BRAs) for me.  

I learned that every living thing and every substance has a unique energy frequency.  These frequencies have been built into a database and in the assessment, the goal is to find matched frequencies with frequencies in my body.  Maybe I should say that the goal is NOT to find matched frequencies.  hahaha.   I had 63 hits, which by Dr. Harry’s account, is a good number.  Yeah!

I found my assessment fascinating.  It showed that I have a bit of TB in my lungs, some eColi in my stomach, and some Agent Orange in my system.  (I guess it is not all that uncommon).  I learned I have specific sensitivities to a range of pesticides and herbicides.  The assessment names each. I also have sensitivities to many of the dental bonding agents in my mouth. Again the assessment names each. Specific troublesome teeth are named in the assessment.  I had four.

The assessment reconfirmed my food sensitivity to corn, but named a couple new ones for me – brown rice and raw milk.

The assessment indicated I could benefit from the frequency protection of one specific gemstone – quartz.  The assessment also indicated I could benefit from geopathic therapy.  More on both of these topics in a subsequent post.

Here is a copy of my assessment.  It cost me $ 100.  I thought that was a bargain.  Gallinger Biomeridian Assessment

More information about a bio-meridian assessment can be found at

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