Looking back on the last couple years, I have made some mistakes and lost some time.   After my breast cancer diagnosis in the summer of 2011, I sought out a naturopath to collaborate and work with Dr. Denise.  I needed a naturopath to order blood work.  I learned, however, that conventional medical practitioners do not order proactive blood work, and insurance companies do not pay for it.

My strategy proved problematic, however, because when the naturopath ordered blood work, my primary care physician would not draw the blood.   I got caught in the classic struggle of conventional and alternative medicine.   So I then established a relationship with another naturopath at the Riordan Clinic in Wichita  (www.riordanclinic.org).  Riordan has their own lab.  I learned that I can request all the blood work I want beyond the classic panel, but it will be at my own expense.  I spent $1500 in November 2011 for about 15 different tests, including vitamin and mineral analysis, fatty acids, hormone assessment, cancer marker test, etc.

So during this time, I was seeing two naturopaths, both of whom suggested a variety of supplements to support me during radiation.   In addition, I was seeing Dr. Denise weekly.  She tested the various supplements recommended to me both individually and together.   I started this regime in September 2011 and by July 2012, I was taking nearly 70 capsules a day.  These 70 pills were various natural vitamins and minerals and should not be confused with taking 70 prescription-strength pills.  By summer 2012, my blood was much improved, but I was not feeling well.  Dr. Denise suggested that I go off everything and allow my body to reset.  I was a little nervous to do this, but I have gotten along fine.  My body was simply over-burdened!!  We are now unraveling some of root issues and building a new foundation.

One root issue is malabsorption.  We are seeing that I don’t have sufficient enzyme production to breakdown and absorb my nutrients.  Currently, I am only taking calcium and a mild digestive enzyme.   When we feel my system is stable, I might again take some of the $1000 inventory of supplements I have in my kitchen cabinet…..just in smaller dosages!!

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