A basic understanding of meridians is necessary at this point.  A meridian is a channel of energy (chi) corresponding to a specific organ of the body.  It is a pathway of electromagnetic energy.  Applied Kinesiology (see 10.27.2012 post) is based on an understanding of meridians. Although I had been benefiting from Applied Kinesiology for two or three years, the specific techniques seemed illusive to me!! When I started acupuncture, I definitely got more engaged.  And happily so!!

When Dr. Yennie showed me the graph of my 12 meridians, I was intrigued.   These meridians were split:

  • Lung
  • Pericardium (aka circulation sex)
  • Heart
  • Small intestine
  • Triple burner
  • Large intestine
  • Liver
  • Kidney
  • Stomach

Only my spleen, bladder and gall bladder meridians were normal.  Interestingly, my lung meridian was the most imbalanced.  Lung…where did that come from??????????

It made perfect sense to me, however,  that I could not experience vibrant health if my system was so out of harmony.  I know God desires balance, health, and healing for me. So I began my journey with acupuncture and Dr. Yennie.  Over the next six weeks, I submitted to twelve electromagnetic acupuncture treatments.  At home, I also aggressively sought out information about each meridian.  To my pleasant surprise, by 9.24.2012, eight of my twelve meridians were balanced!!!!  Three were normal and one was high.  With one exception (my chest distress), I truly felt significant improvement in my overall sense of well-being.  

It was soon after that, that I pieced togther the problems of my chest distress and depleted emotion held in my ovary and connected them to my imbalanced Lung and Pericardium meridians.  See my 11.3.2012 post, The Physical Aspect of Negative Emotions.


Attached are my 8.8.2012 and 9.24.2012 Yennie assessments.  By way of explanation>>>Dr. Yennie practices microcurrent acupuncture, and not needle acupuncture. Microcurrents can be digitized and graphed and I found the resultant reports enormously helpful/encouraging. 

Yennie 8.8.2012 assessment – color

Yennie 9.24.2012 assessment – color

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