Meridians, continued

After my first acupuncture visit to Dr. Yennie, I googled meridian therapy and ran across a U-tube video by Donna Eden (   Eden advocated “tracing” your 12 meridians each day to strengthen them.  She demonstrated the routine and I thought it might be something I could do at home.   I ended up buying her book, Energy Medicine, and it has changed absolutely everything!

I now feel empowered to help myself between doctor appointments!!  I feel free to experiment.  I have learned the nuances of my body and feel much bolder to act.

I now understand that each meridian has a high and low tide of energy that corresponds to the clock.   This is quite helpful.  When I feel some bodily discomfort, I look at the clock, and trace the corresponding meridian that is at high or low tide to get relief.

Since mid-September 2012, I have learned to trace all of my meridians.  I am also learning about neuro-lympathic points, auras and the celtic weave.  I have made an appointment with a protegé of Eden’s  who is in private practice area next month.   She lives in the KCMO area.

PS>>I used my knowledge of meridians to strengthen and flush them during the aftermath of my radio-active iodine treatment.  I am confident that my Kidney Meridian is quite grateful I have been attentive!

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