Foundational Diet

One of the most important health strategies that I adhere to every day concerns my diet.  This undergirds everything else I do.  For the most part, I follow the Page Foundational Diet (   Sometimes it is referred to as an anti-inflamatory diet.   It is restrictive, but the benefits are enormous.  If I were to sum it up, I do not eat

  • corn, wheat or gluten
  • dairy
  • sugar
  • processed foods

I have come to believe the above are POISON to my system.   Eliminating them has paid such big dividends that I will never go back to my old ways of eating.   There is good news >>>I don’t crave what I don’t eat.   On rare occasion, I wish I could have a grilled cheese on good bread with a couple imported cheeses.  But for the most part, I do not.  I am satisfied with my fruit and vegetable drinks, nuts, soup, beans, organic poultry, fish, and vegetable stirfry.

I point the reader to this excellent book by David Servan-Schrieiber, MD titled Anti-Cancer , a New Way of Life.   The author has some eye-opening information about how the rise of cancer rates correlates with the post WWII food production, preservation, and use of chemicals.  The Food Industry is big business and profits are tied to long shelf life.  For this reason, so many ingredients of the things we indigest are not even foods!!!  Our body doesn’t know how to process them.  It is truly alarming.    One prime example is high fructose corn syrup.  It is literally in everything because it is cheap.

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