I just re-read some of my recent blog posts and want to underscore a point for those readers who think I have lost my mind.

I am straddling the line between conventional and alternative medicine.  Again  (see 9.23.2012 post), I have found that conventional medicine offers me nothing except their “standard of care”, which is surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy (in my case, radio-active iodine).  And interestingly, that is all that insurance will pay for.

Conventional doctors do not see me as a whole person.  They do not see that my systems are inter-connected.  They are trained to treat symptoms rather than look for the underlying root cause.  They do not offer nutritional support, emotional support, or energy support.  They do not help me, the patient,  face the prospect of cancer on a day-to-day basis. 

I get so enthused about the progress I see in my body now that I have cleaned up my diet and discovered energy medicine and acupuncture.  I am thrilled to see my blood work come back so improved.  I am so grateful for the emotional support that I know is available to me when I have a dark day or an anxiety episode.  I do not have to sit back and endure. There are things to do day-to-day that are so empowering.

I REFUSE to sit back and just wait.

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