The Physical Aspect of Emotions

One thing I have learned is that negative emotions exhibit definite physical characteristics>>indigestion, insomnia, headache, chest distress, and random/displaced pain.  Once negative emotions take up residence in a particular organ, bad things can happen.

I have had moderate to severe chest distress for almost two years.  At times I have thought it was anxiety.  Other times, I have thought it to be digestive related.  Following is a chronology of how I have pieced together that this chest distress is the manifestation of negative emotion>>

  • For the past year, I have been plagued by a mysterious affliction to my left eye.  The white of that eye is never clear but always some degree of pink or flaming red.  I know my pituitary sits behind my left eye, but beyond that I could not determine a pattern or make any meaningful connection. 
  • In August, I had an initial acupuncture assessment and my Lung meridians were imbalanced and very low. Furthermore, my Circulation Sex meridians were split.  The Circulation Sex meridian is also known as the Pericardium meridian.
  • The strongest episodes of my chest distress are in the morning.  This is the low point of the Circulation Sex meridian energies.

  • Recently, Dr. Denise determined that I was holding an emotion in my ovary. Drilling down, she identified that I went “weak” with the word “depleted”.  
  • So this is how I connect dots>>>
    • If I am holding the negative emotion of being depleted in my ovary, then my Circulation Sex meridian is involved and perhaps inflaming my pituitary and causing my eye to be red.  My eye is vulnerable to the whims of my hormones and the emotions held in my ovary. 
    • My chest distress comes on strong when I feel pressed in or rushed….depleted.   It is often triggered when I am asked to do one more thing, when in my mind, I have surely done enough.  For heavens sake, if you only knew all that I do each day….and here you are asking me to do one more thing???????? I have nothing more to give.  I am depleted.  It is triggered at work, with my Mother, with family obligations, with my health professionals, etc.
    • In researching emotional energies that reside in the organs, I read “Emotional depression is often recognized by a physical depression and collapse of the chest and lungs.”  Both my Pericardium and Lung meridians are imbalanced, low, and showing distress.  Both are located in my chest.

I believe that, despite my best efforts, the emotions of three cancer diagnoses and other losses over the last several years have caused me to be depressed. 

The physical manifestations of these negative emotions are my red eye and my constant background chest distress.  The proof is in Dr. Denise’s energy testing and the acupuncture assessment (the imbalance in my Pericardium Meridian and the low Lung meridian reading).

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