Radio-active Iodine

Yesterday, I received the radio-active iodine therapy at KU Med to treat my thyroid cancer, as evidenced by my elevated thyroid cancer marker.  See

To prepare for the treatment, I have been on a low iodine diet for two weeks and received two  thyrogen injections on Wednesday and Thursday.  This is the way I understand the therapy>> thyroid cancer cells love iodine.  Because I have been starving my body of iodine for two weeks, the thyroid cancer cells gobbled it up yesterday when I swallowed the pill.  Unfortunately for them,  the iodine pill was laced with destructive radioactive agent and  they will self destruct!!  Like a stealth bomb.

I learned yesterday that my dosage was a low dose.  This was news to me>>I didn’t know there were various dosages.  I received 50 of the measure, but 50/100/150/200 are available.  I take this as good news.  This was a unique dose for me based on my cancer marker.

I now enter a period of isolation for six days.  I do not mind being alone.  In some ways it is easier to not have to talk about it at every turn.

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