Now What?

Taking up from the previous post…..

I am excited to have made these connections but more importantly, excited to embark on some new strategies:

  • I will continue acupuncture treatments to monitor my meridian health.  There was evidence of definite improvement after 12 treatments, whereas my lung meridians were still low, they were at least balanced.
  • I now trace all of my meridians three times a day to strengthen the energy flow to each related organ.  See Energy Medicine by Donna Eden.
  • I do a daily energy routine.
  • Meridians are one of nine energy systems in our bodies.  I have made an appointment with a protégé of Donna Eden and expect her to look at the other eight.
  • I am taking a homeopathic remedy that makes my ovaries respond strongly to energy testing. 
  • I am doing at-home color therapy with this affirmation “I am revitalized after stress and fatigue”
  • I am practicing the Inner Smile twice a day.
  • I am performing lung exercises.
  • I visualize that I am the Woman at the Well and that Jesus is the Living Water that will sustain and refresh me.
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