The principles of applied kinesiology can be extended into psych-kinesiology, aka PK.  Dr. Denise can tell if my emotions are calm or riled up.  If they are riled up, we can drill down to find a specific issue.  I have found PK to be the most interesting and most helpful of my treatments.

I will relate a particular PK session that has nothing to do with my “cancer emotions”, but it is worth retelling.   One day, my emotions “showed weak” to Dr. Denise and she drilled down to find that I was strong on all categories except Money, Job, & Career.   I told her I wasn’t aware of any issues there.   I know this sounds fantastical, but she energy tested the various chapters of my career and I went “weak” when I mentioned Ideas at Work.  Ideas at Work was my short-lived consulting business. 

Dr. Denise next determined I was conflicted, not because my “ideas” @ Ideas at Work were bad, but because I had failed to make money during this time period.  From there, she drilled back to my first real encounter with failure.  Like rings on a tree, she determined I was first conflicted about failure in my 22nd year.  She asked what was going on in my 22nd year and we tested several things.  I went weak on my relationship with my Father.  Come to find out, I felt like I had FAILED my Father (not merely disappointed him) when I married. 

A couple reasons why this old incident possibly resurfaced:

  • A couple weeks before the presenting symptoms, I received pictures of my Father that I had never seen before.
  • My daughter’s approaching wedding triggered memories of my own wedding, which my Father did not approve of.

Once identified, I cleared the issue with a specific affirmation and color therapy.  I felt so liberated. 

Over the last three years, I am sorry to say I have had perhaps a couple dozen emotional issues make their way to the surface.  At the same time, I am relieved that they have.  I wasn’t aware I was suppressing them or that they were affecting me physically.  We pick up a lot of baggage in our lifetime……

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