Applied Kinesiology

I have been silent for a few days because I don’t know how to pick up my story.    So I will go back and write about some key aspects to lay a better foundation of where I am today.

In 2008, I sought out a new chiropractor in town and was referred to Dr. Denise T.   Dr. Denise, as I will call her going forward, practices Applied Kinesiology.  I had never heard of Applied Kinesiology, but it has certainly revolutionized my life; I have come to wholly believe in it.  Applied Kinesiology involves energy testing of the various organs, structures, and systems of the body as a way to diagnosis the relative health of that organ, structure, or system.

For example, Dr. Denise can pinpoint the exact vertebrae in my spine that needs adjustment. If a particular vertebrae in my neck is not receiving a smooth and sufficient energy flow, when she exerts minimal pressure on that vertebrae and on my extended arm, my arm will “go weak”.  Conversely, if my arm stays “strong”, that vertebra is fine. After I experienced these kinds of structural adjustments and understood the logic, she moved on to organ health.  At first this all seemed like magic.  How on earth could anyone diagnose the health of my liver without ordering a battery of expensive scans and tests?  But as I began to experience the process and feel the benefits, it all began to make sense to me.

After applying energy testing to my structural and organ systems, Dr. Denise began to show me how she could test a supplement, a tincture, or a homeopathic to determine if my body responded positively, negatively, or was neutral to that remedy.  I learned that my body might be strengthened by a particular vitamin, mineral, herb, or enzyme.  Other ones did not elicit the same strength.


I have come to call Applied Kinesiology “energy medicine”.  I will have much to say about this in upcoming blog posts.

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