Two precious girls

This is a blog post from my daughter-in-law, Tara.  It is too precious for words:

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A weekend or two ago the girls had a day with daddy while I was at work.  He always has something fun planned and almost every day with them includes a trip to John’s to check on daddy’s deer cameras and burn off a little energy.  This last trip Brett shared the SWEETEST story with me.  

These last few trips to John’s the girls have been really excited about finding turkey feathers.  When I went with them a month ago they were everywhere.  The two of them ran all over so excited with each one they saw.  This last trip with daddy there wasn’t quite the abundance.  Probably because we already snagged them all.  Anyway, Anna had found a couple and Caylee was searching high and low to find just one.  Without hesitation as Caylee looked in another direction Anna threw one of her feathers on the ground and exclaimed, ‘Look Caylee…here is one!’

I was almost in tears when Brett told me this story.  I was SO proud.  Brett was SO proud.    Seriously, best big sister ever.  This story is 100% Anna.  She has the kindest heart and the sweetest soul.  I am so glad that all of our kids will have such a good role model to look up to.  

We love you, Anna Rae…and your little sister does too:)

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