RMG Reserve

I have a certain reserve.  It is rather paradoxical because I am assertive and confident in some areas of my life.  Put me in the Board Room to make a compelling business case and I will nail it.  Let me lead a meeting and I will come away with 100% of my objectives met.  My reserve is in interpersonal matters.  I fall back on my instinctive reserve and withhold myself.  A couple points on my reserve:

  1. My reserve is rooted in insecurity I trace back to the acne I had when I was a teenager.
  2. I have come to understand that my reserve is at odds with God’s command to love one another.  God does not withhold Himself from me no matter what I do or how I disappoint Him. 

My intent is to develop these points in an upcoming blog post.   Both points are part of the story of my health and spiritual journeys.

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