Body Terrain

I was first introduced to the term “body terrain” in the book Anti Cancer, a New Way of Life by David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD.  The author lays out compelling evidence and arguments for cleaning up our bodies and participating in our own healthcare.  He argues that cancer is a systemic disease and that cutting out tumors is not the total solution.  Cancer is an inflammatory disease and our strategy should be to reduce body inflammation.

To that end, my main line of attack over the last few years has been to clean up my body terrain by

  • Eliminating inflammatory foods such as sugar, white four, and processed foods
  • Cultivating body calm
  • Feeding my immune system with targeted nutritional protocol
  • Balancing my systems
  • Bringing my energies into harmony
  • Taping the healing power of my own energies
  • Cultivating an anti-cancer mind

There is so much to say about the details of each of these points and I hope to do so in time.  But today, my need is to reaffirm my commitment to these strategies even in the face of my raised thyroid cancer marker.   I will go forward because to do otherwise is to give into despair.  My holistic course empowers me and motivates me.  It gives me hope.  My sense is that I am getting well.

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