Oil Pulling

Most people do not realize the impact their teeth have on their bodies.  I certainly did not until recently. I learned about dental protection and Oil Pulling from BRAs (Breast Reasearch Awareness). This organization cites information that there are 8 teeth that correlate to breast cancer.  Root canals in these teeth can become problematic as toxins and bacteria can lodge in these pockets and create chronic inflammation.  Low-grade systemic inflammation taxes the immune system day in and day out. 

One strategy suggested by BRAs is “oil pulling”, a part of traditional dental care in India.   Oil pulling is an  ancient Ayurvedic technique of swishing a tablespoon of sesame seed oil in your mouth for 5 – 20 minutes in the morning with the purpose of drawing out toxins that are missed with our western dental hygiene.

I know it sounds disgusting, but I have been swishing for 5 – 10 minutes every morning for about three weeks.  The first day I did it, my kinesiologist picked right up on the fact that I had a toxin overload originating from my mouth.  She asked me what was going on and when I explained, she instructed me to keep it up!! I was impressed!!

I attach an article which goes into the details in much more depth than I have here. One thing I learned from reading the article is that it is important to swish 20 minutes, which I am not doing. 


Happy swishing!

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