Unexpected Calm

This morning, I got up early and did all my usual “good girl” healthy things.  I started with my foundational yoga, traced my stomach and lung meridians, did my Tibetian Five Rites,  drank my vegetable/protein drink, showered and headed to Kansas City for two days of bank meetings.  At 740 am I received an incoming call from a 913 area code and I knew immediately it was my thyroid lab results.  I told the doctor that I was on the road and asked if I should pull over.  He thought so. 

My cancer marker is 4.7 (up from 2.3 last November).   The ultrasound showed no evidences of cancer.  The recommended treatment is the radioactive iodine that I had it 2006.  Andrew will be calling to set up the procedure.

I was struck that most of the day, I experienced unexpected calm.  I felt God’s hand on me.

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