Good Girl!

I have become a Country Western fan.  This surprises most people.   In fact, it almost makes my children mad!!  My favorites are Toby Keith, Alan Jackson, Carrie Underwood.  I like Big and Rich, Thompson Square and Keith Urban.   I know….. rather eclectic tastes!

I am a first-born, and for those of you who know about birth order, we first-borns are rule followers.  Most of my life has been dominated by responsibility, duty, and lists.  I color inside the lines.  I am a good girl.

But the downside is that I think I missed out on a certain amount of fun, love, and laughter over the years.   For this reason, I always encouraged my children to be less serious about studying, more flexible about life. 

The best marriages are said to be between a first-born (me) and a last-born (that would be Russ).   I find that interesting, but now after 35 years of marriage to a man who has never made a list in his life, I can say that he definitely balances me… his exasperating way.

If you haven’t heard Carrie Underwood’s Good Girl, I attach the U-tube video.   The wild side of Robbie Madget Gallinger would love to put on fun clothes and jam in the Board Room like Carrie does!!!!

Good Girl

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