The Gift

Heaven Rushing In

I am reading Energy Medicine by Donna Eden.  Last night I read this:

She came to see her healing crisis as a gift that opened her to a new sense of purpose.

I sat straight up in bed and said to myself “YES!!”  

By way of background, I am a thyroid cancer survivor and a breast cancer survivor.   I have never used those terms to describe myself; I don’t like the words.   I don’t like to be defined by cancer, but I don’t know how else to bring the subject to the light of day.  This admission about myself ties into the one of the purposes of my New Each Morning blog.  I want to chronicle important ideas, strategies, thoughts I have had along the way.  

In 2006, I learned that my thyroid was cancerous.  I submitted to surgery and the recommended treatment of radioactive iodine with few questions.  I just wanted to get my life back.  Within a few months, I learned that living without a thyroid was more difficult than I could have ever imagined.  In 2008, I hit rock bottom.  I was anxious, my hair was falling out, I had developed problems with digestion. The list goes on.

I truly believe that I was divinely led to Dr. Denise, who practices applied kinesiology, a form of energy medicine. She brought me back from the abyss.  But more on that later.   I then received a diagnosis of breast cancer in the summer of 2011.  A routine mammogram showed a cluster of three carcinomas in my right breast.  Stage One, but one of the three was classified as “invasive”.  In 9.2011, I had a lumpectomy followed by 37 radiation treatments.

My point today is to lay out that I have had two serious health challenges, and that I am fighting them with conventional medicine and with holistic medicine.  Whereas I know that conventional medicine has its place and probably has indeed saved my life, I have come to see it as a dark and fearful path.  Conversely, my holistic journey is pure sunshine.  

She came to see her healing crisis as a gift that opened her to a new sense of purpose.

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