New Each Morning

morning sun

morning sun (Photo credit: Amehare)

I am so grateful for each new day that opens up before me.  There is something appealing about a new year, a new season, a new day.  The old passes making way for the new.  After a night’s sleep, our souls and bodies are rested and we wake up to a new adventure called Today.

I could go off on several tangents here>>

  • God providing manna for only one day at a time
  • His admonishment to not let the sun go down on our anger
  • The fresh, quietude of the morning
  • “I walk in the garden alone; while the dew is still on the roses”
  • My project management style of dividing the whole into smaller action items
  • Starting the day with a victory of sorts (eg conquering laziness by exercising)
  • the distinct renewal of purposeful living

In his book on Prayer, Andrew Murray says this:

Broken small and divided into fragments, he (sic, man) can bear them; only the care and the work of each day have to be undertaken-the day’s portion in its day.  The rest of the night fits him for making a fresh start with each new morning; the mistakes of the past can be avoided, its lessons improved.  And he has only each day to be faithful for the one short day, and long years and a long life take care of themselves without the sense of their length or their weight ever being a burden.

I am grateful for God’s design of day and night.   Rest.  Soul peace. Abiding day by day.

Jesus keeps me now.

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