This is a very random place to start my blog>>>chlorine. Some years ago, I remember reading that a good health strategy would be to replace the shower head with a chlorine filter. I dismissed it, primarily because it seemed somewhat implausible to me.

One of my holistic practitioners recently asked me about it and impressed upon me that it is indeed important. She indicated that chlorine is not good to breathe. She also reminded me that our skin is the largest organ of our body and that we take in chlorine through our pores.

I was surprised and pleased to find a 5-star rated filter on Amazon for about $35. My husband installed it without too much complaint!

I must say, however, that something else convinced me that this is a really good strategy. We have always had a fairly good-sized distressed spot in our front lawn. It appears each year in the dog-days of August. Russ and I have attributed this to the soil Ph in this area being a bit different. Anyway, although we have an underground sprinkler system and water regularly, the distressed spot appeared in June this year due to an unusually early summer draught. In August, we finally got a substantial rain and within a couple days, the distressed area was completely unnoticeable!!! It took me a few days to connect the dots>>>> the city water that we used throughout June and July had chlorine in it. The unadulterated rain that came in August had no chlorine!!! It was amazing to us!

I feel really good about spending that $35 on such a simple fix!

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